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These are a few of my favourite things – Paris

There is no way I can create a category to blog about my favourite things without dedicating a post to Paris. Yes, I know Paris is not a thing, but it certainly tops my ‘favourites’ list. I fell in love with this city two years ago, when my partner took me to Paris as part of my first trip to Europe. Paris was always a city that I wanted to visit, as I’m sure this is the case for many people, but I never imagined how much this city would affect me from the first moment I stepped off the train at Gare de Lyon. I felt like I was arriving home. I felt so comfortable and the surroundings seemed so familiar. Maybe it had something to do with how similar Vietnam looks in regards to some of its architecture. Who knows? So, why is Paris on my favourites list? Here are five reasons why (in no particular order):

  • Architecture – Paris is one of the most beautiful cities I have come across when it comes to its architecture. I couldn’t help but marvel at the buildings and how the new buildings incorporated so well with the old. There was a sense of historical continuity which I really appreciated.

  • History – I love reading about it, hearing about it, seeing it and touching it. Visiting landmarks that have a longer history than the settlement of Australia is fascinating to me. Some of my favourite landmarks in Paris include the Arc de Triomphe, Tour Eiffel, Louvre and Notre Dame.

  • Le marché – The traditional outdoor markets in Paris are amazing. They remind me so much of the markets you see in Vietnam (sans the stifling heat). I love seeing all the produce on sale and watching the locals transacting with the stall owners. Come to think of it, I love anything that is related to shopping….

  • Food – How could I not list food as a reason why I love Paris? The French are famous for their food, in particular, their baked goods. I could happily and easily eat French patisserie products all day, every day….with a good measure of exercise of course!

  • Tour de France – I never used to be a cycling enthusiast and there would be no way I would actually ride a bike (for some reason people have a hard time NOT hitting me when I’m in a car). But that all changed when I saw my first Tour de France stage in person. Standing on the Champs Elysees cheering the cyclists as they rode past was an exhilarating experience. That experience got me interested in following the whole event the following year. And with Cadel Evans (Aussie cyclist) winning last year’s Tour in a nerve wracking finish, it just kind of made cycling a little more interesting to me. Just as a side note, I’m very excited to hear that Andy Schleck will be riding in the Tour Down Under next year!

There you have it. Now you know why I think Paris is worthy enough to be on my ‘favourites’ list. If you haven’t been to Paris before,   get a wriggle on – you won’t regret it! If you have been to Paris, what were the things that you liked?

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9 thoughts on “These are a few of my favourite things – Paris

  1. OMG! From this post, I so want to meet you in person…hahaha. We share the same background and the love for Paris (I haven’t been there and will soon go there though for my next marathon). I love watching Tour de France every year. It’s nice to find a blogger who share the same interest 🙂 Sweet dreams!

    • LOL – we could be twins! You will love Paris! I hope you get some time to check it out when you’re over there for your marathon. When is your next marathon?

      • it’s the first weekend of april. what would you recommend for the “must see”? i also want to visit the country side and a chateau? is there public transportation or do i need to rent a car to drive there?

      • Definitely the usual suspects that I’ve mentioned in my post. If you do the Eiffel Tower, make sure you go right up to the very top. The view is amazing! Galleries Lafayette for shopping – it’s the most beautiful shopping mall I’ve ever been to (I can’t believe I forgot to mention it in my post!). Make sure you get yourself some macarons from Laduree. In regards to visiting a chateau, Versailles is probably the closest one you would want to see. It’s a 30 min train ride from Paris. You can get around easily on public transport – the train/metro system is fantastic. If you want to go further out then maybe rent a car, but I’ve only used public transport when I’ve visited. Hop on to Trip Advisor (my fav travel forum) and have a read of some of their Paris forums, you’ll find heaps of info. I used Trip Advisor to plan my trips. I’m very excited for you ! 😀

  2. Irene – I just wrote a post about the things to do in Paris. I echo cookingchook’s proposition: DEFINITELY go to Versailles.

  3. This brings back good memories… If I could, I would definitely open up my own boulangerie in my town; their little treats are irresistible!

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