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These are a few of my favourite things – Burgers

I love burgers. In my eyes, burgers are an amazing combination of carbs, protein, dairy, fruit, vegetables and condiments. Adelaide seems to have gone a little burger mad this summer with more food trucks and burger joints popping up around the place, and from what I hear there will be even more appearing in the coming months. So, you could imagine that my diet of late has consisted of a ‘few’ burgers. And don’t think that I’m talking about your typical Macca’s or Hungry Jack’s type burgers, I’m talking about gourmet, quality ingredients and construction type burgers. Let me share a few of the good ones that I’ve tried (in no particular order)….. Read more…


These are a few of my favourite things – Girlie time and day spas

Endota spaIt’s taken me a long time to get into the habit of taking time out for me. I’ve always been a restless person, always on the go, juggling fifty bijillion things all at once in both my work life and personal life. It wasn’t until I became really unwell a few of years ago, that I realised I needed to schedule in time to unwind. At the time, I was working full time and travelling interstate A LOT for work. I was also studying part time, trying to finish off my Business degree. I really did not have any ‘down’ time whatsoever, and my health suffered significantly. In the end, I was advised by my Doctor that I had to slow down and take better care of myself. It was hard for me to concede that I was not Wonder Woman (although I would happily dress up as her) and that I couldn’t do everything all at once all the time. Read more…

These are a few of my favourite things – Haigh’s Chocolates

If you’ve never had Haigh’s chocolates before, you are missing out on something incredibly special. Haigh’s has been selling chocolates in Adelaide since 1915 and now has a total of 14 stores, with 6 being in Adelaide, 6 in Melbourne and 2 in Sydney. Why is Haigh’s so special? Not only are the chocolates divinely tasty, but the quality of their products are exceptional in my opinion. I only need to have a piece or two to feel satisfied; I don’t feel the need to gorge myself on chocolate. I believe that is a sign of a high quality chocolate. My pupils dilate just thinking about them *swoony sigh* Read more…

These are a few of my favourite things – Food trucks

Something special happened in Adelaide about 18 months ago, a little food truck called Burger Theory appeared offering tasty burgers to the CBD folk, which just happens to include me. And when I say tasty burgers, I mean TAY-STEE burgers. Since then, a few more food trucks have come on to the scene, which include La Cantina Co (Mexican) and Chimichurri Grill (Argentinian) just to name a couple that I have come across recently. I love food trucks because it’s like having your favourite fast food delivered to your front door (or in my case my office building), and who doesn’t love stuff coming to you instead of you going to it? Read more…

These are a few of my favourite things – Luke Nguyen

It’s not every day that you get to meet one of your favourite celebrity chefs and tell them how much of an inspiration they are to you. I got my chance to do that today when I met Luke Nguyen at a book signing lunch. For those who don’t know Luke Nguyen, he is part of the extraordinary team at Red Lantern (which he owns with his partner, his sister and her partner), the best modern Vietnamese restaurant I know in Sydney. Luke has authored and contributed recipes to some amazing cookbooks, including two that I own personally (Secrets of the Red Lantern and The Songs of Sa Pa) and is the host of a couple of great cooking shows (Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam and Luke Nguyen’s Greater Mekong) that feature on SBS. Why is Luke an inspiration? Read more…

These are a few of my favourite things – Paris

There is no way I can create a category to blog about my favourite things without dedicating a post to Paris. Yes, I know Paris is not a thing, but it certainly tops my ‘favourites’ list. I fell in love with this city two years ago, when my partner took me to Paris as part of my first trip to Europe. Paris was always a city that I wanted to visit, as I’m sure this is the case for many people, but I never imagined how much this city would affect me from the first moment I stepped off the train at Gare de Lyon. I felt like I was arriving home. Read more…

These are a few of my favourite things – Friday and Dumpling King

Friday has got to be my favourite day of the week. Why, you ask? Friday’s are so awesome in my book because:

– It is the end of the working week.
– It is the start of the weekend.
– I get to do my weekly grocery shop at the incredible Adelaide Central Markets.
– I get to satisfy my dumpling craving at the Dumpling King.

Who on Earth is the Dumpling King? Read more…

These are a few of my favourite things – Gusto Ristorante

As my partner and I were driving home from having dinner at a restaurant, I thought to myself that there are so many things that I consider as ‘my favourite’.  I have favourite foods, favourite places to eat, favourite items of clothing. Any category of ‘thing’ you can think of, I probably can name a “favourite”. So, why not start sharing what I consider my favourite things? If it’s good enough for Julie Andrews, it’s good enough for me *insert Sound of Music reference here*. Read more…

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