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The ANZAC biscuit with a twist

April doesn’t just mean an extra long weekend for Easter in Australia, it also means that on April 25 every year, we have a national day of remembrance. This day of remembrance is called ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day, and originally marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. These days, the commemoration of our service people has widen to all of those who have served in all military operations that Australia has been involved in. Read more…

The day when the orange and lamb became friends

I like trying out new and interesting recipes. I think it’s a great way to expand your culinary knowledge and repertoire, and sometimes you discover things you would never have thought up on your own unless you ventured outside what you would consider as your norm. It had been a hot summer’s day and I was looking for something new and interesting to make for dinner one night that was easy to make and didn’t require me to slave away over a hot stove. Read more…

When a ‘boy look’ turns out to be a winner

Tell me if you’ve ever had this conversation before:

DBF (Dear Boyfriend): *shouts out from another room* Baaaaabe. Have you seen the [insert random item]?
Me: *shouts back* It’s in the [insert random location]
*a few minutes pass*
DBF: Are you sure it’s in the [insert random location]? I can’t see it.
Me: *Walks to the other room, pulls out item in question in less than 2 seconds* Here you go.
DBF: Hmph….thanks babe.

The situation I’ve just described is known as the ‘boy look’, where your other half fails to see what is right in front of them. This situation occurs with moderate frequency in my household, and I tease my DBF a lot for it. I can’t say, however, that I’m immune from having the odd ‘boy look’ moment myself. In fact, it only happened to me the other day when I was shopping for the recipe in this post. Read more…

The Cooking Chook does gnocchi – Eeeeeek!

I’ll admit that I have the odd foodie fear. I’m reasonably adventurous when it comes to cooking/baking new dishes, and I love a challenge but there are dishes that will give the heebie-jeebies. They usually take the form of either the simplest of all recipes, or really, really difficult recipes. The really, really difficult recipes you could understand why I would be a little scared about attempting them, but it’s the simple recipes that do my head in the most. I call these recipes ‘sleeper’ recipes, and gnocchi falls into this category. You look at the ingredient list and method, and it all lulls you into a false sense of security. What could be so hard and scary about a recipe that involves 2 ingredients and 4 steps in the method? Everything! The biggest issue with gnocchi is making sure it doesn’t end up dense and stodgy, kinda like chomping on hard bubble gum – ewwww. How do you do this? Use a proper Italian Mama recipe! Read more…

A tribute to Bastille Day: The croquembouche

Today, being the 14th of July marks Bastille Day, a French national holiday commemorating the storming of the Bastille and the beginning of the French Revolution. Being a massive Francophile, I couldn’t let today go by without making something Frenchy inspired. I wanted to make something that was as much of a celebration as Bastille Day itself, and nothing encompasses a celebration better than the croquembouche! Read more…

To give thanks with chocolate

Mini FrangelicoI just finished my mid-year exams a few days ago. Five exams in eight days – phew! This was a testing point for me, to see if I really had the capability to go back to Uni to study the sciences at a high level, after more than a decade away from the books. I feel OK. I felt reasonably confident that I did well in my exams and in the subjects overall. Hopefully, when results come out in two weeks, I won’t be disappointed. For my last exam, I recruited my partner to help me study; a challenge in itself, because he’s an Accountant, not a fellow Scientist. I gave him all of my lectures notes, and asked him to ask me questions to test whether or not I was retaining anything. We spent a couple of hours doing this before I decided, enough was enough. If I didn’t know the content by now, it was too late anyway. Read more…

The Cooking Chook ditches the corporate life

This post has come quite late. I actually ditched corporate life about 4 months ago, but I haven’t had an opportunity since quitting work to be able to reflect on what has happened. Why did I ditch the corporate life? To make an extremely long story short, I quit the corporate life to pursue a career in Medicine. I decided very late last year, that I would quit work to go back to being a full-time student. I’ve always wanted to be a Doctor, but things didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted (they never do, do they?). I’ve ended up taking the scenic route, and I still haven’t quite reached my destination yet. If you’re interested in a bit more background to my story, check out this previous post. Here are some musings on the last six months in the life of The Cooking Chook…. Read more…

I really miss berries….

It’s starting to feel like winter in Adelaide. It’s cold, grey, rainy….rather miserable actually. And as much as I love this time of year because you can make a lot of great comfort food dishes, I can’t help but yearn for a bit of sunshine and some of the fruits and veggies that go along with summer. In particular, I’m very fond of berries. In a previous post, I talked about using frozen berries as an alternative for when they are not in season. But sometimes frozen berries aren’t enough. Read more…

What does Ricky Martin and lentils have in common?

Nothing really, except I’m a little obsessed with both at the moment. Ricky Martin is a judge on the Australian version of  The Voice, which is airing at the moment, and I absolutely adore him! Yes, I am a reality TV tragic! He just seems like a really lovely guy, and you can’t help but like him. And what is with the lentils? Well, my favourite food joint in the Uni cafeteria has a penchant for lentils. This place makes some really yummy salads with lentils and I’ve kinda developed a penchant for them too. So much so, that I’ve been actively looking for recipes that I can use lentils in. I’ve come across a lot of soups with lentils in them, which are great for winter but I think I’ve done soups to death. I needed to find a recipe that was more exciting, and maybe a bit exotic, like Ricky Martin! Read more…

Pretty please with cherries on top….

These days I get so overwhelmed with the amount of food choices available to me that sometimes, favourite dishes get pushed to one side and I don’t end up eating them again for a number of years. First world problems, right? Well, something that falls into the ‘neglected favourites’ category is Black forest cake. Oh my, do I love Black forest cake! I can’t really remember the last time I ate Black forest cake, which kind of gives you an indication of how long it’s been since I’ve had a slice. I’ve learnt that Black forest cake is an acquired taste; not everyone gets tickled pink by it. I suppose that’s why I haven’t really thought about making it before. It’s not that often that you hear someone profess their love for Black forest cake…unless you’re me of course! Read more…

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