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When baking isn’t enough

Anything that lights your world leaves it dark once it’s gone ~ Ashly Lorenzana

The Cooking Chook has been a bit quiet in the last couple of weeks. I usually post a recipe every week, and sometimes I even do an extra post about something that I want to share with everyone. When things aren’t that great, I like to bake because baking is my refuge. It provides me with respite from all that is bad and helps me remember all that is good in this world. Unfortunately, the last couple of weeks have been exceptionally bad. Read more…

When in doubt, bake!

This week has been a bit of a roller coaster week for me. The start of it was going really well. I was having a wonderful time working in a research lab in the Haematology and Genetic Pathology department of a local hospital for my professional placement topic at Uni. It’s my first taste of doing proper scientific research and I’ve been enjoying it immensely. I was enjoying my time so much that I was starting to wonder whether medicine was the right career path for me. Read more…

It was a very good year

*breaks into song* When I was thirty-something, it was a very good year. It was a very good year for cooking great food and receiving KitchenAid tools. And meeting great people in the blogosphere. I wonder what the next year will bring. When I was thirty-something.

OK – so maybe I should leave the singing to Frank Sinatra. If you’re not familiar with this song, check it out on YouTube. Even though there are still five days to go until the new year ticks over, I thought I’d take some time to reflect on the year that has been. Read more…

Here I go again…..

Those who are close to me know that for the last couple of years, I have been trying to get into medical school. For those who have just joined me on my bloggy journey, if you’re interested, you can have a read of my experience so far in this post. I’ve always wanted to be a Doctor. I can’t see myself in any other career but medicine. I want to practice medicine so badly that it hurts to think of a future where I’m not doing it. What I’ve been doing so far, in regards to employment, has just been that – something that I do to pay the bills. No interest, no passion, no joy. Read more…

Cure-all chicken soup Vietnamese style

Chicken soup, the magical dish that is supposed to be able to cure all ills. The Vietnamese have a version of chicken soup, called cháo gà, but it has rice in it instead of noodles.  My Mum made this for me every time I was sick, and until recently, I didn’t actually know how to make it.  I have been fortunate enough to be a healthy adult that rarely gets really sick, but at the start of the year, I came down with a severe cold that resulted in me staying in bed for an entire week. It also meant that I was too sick to eat any of the usual foods I would eat if I was well. So, I called my Mum to ask her how to make cháo gà, but for some reason that day she wasn’t answering her phone. In a bit of a pickle, and yearning for this particular dish, I was on a mission to find a recipe. Read more…

The foodie road to self-discovery: Why it is great being a Vietnamese-Australian

There are advantages to being a Vietnamese-Australian.  Having been born in Australia, I escaped the horrors that my parents went through with the Vietnam War.  Understandably, to this day, they don’t talk much about what happened back then.  Living in Australia also means having access to some wonderful food produce.  I’m lucky enough to live near the Adelaide Central Market which is one of South Australia’s food meccas (in my opinion), and I go there most weeks to do my food shopping.  I absolutely adore this place, because you can pretty much get whatever is on your shopping list regardless of whether it is your normal everyday grocery items or something that is a little more gourmet and special. Read more…

The art of having a Plan B

I don’t like it when I don’t get my own way.  There…. I said it. But who really does?  If people were seriously unfazed about not getting the things they wanted, then no-one would try to achieve anything.  This is where the good ol’ ‘Plan B’ comes in to play.  I’m the type of person who, if they don’t succeed in getting something they want, will scheme a way to get it.  No underhanded, illegal or unethical tactics of course, but I’m always strategising.  With med school not being a possibility for 2013, I needed to consider my other options:

Option 1: Do nothing. Chuck everything into the ‘too hard basket’, and give up.
Option 2: Do nothing for now. Keep doing what I’m doing (in relation to work) and concentrate on studying for next year’s med entrance exam.
Option 3: Decide to ‘stuff it’.  Apply for a different course at University, quit my job, study full-time, and concentrate on studying for next year’s med entrance exam. Read more…

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