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Sometimes you gotta make a tart

Sometimes I will see a recipe for a dessert so spectacularly wonderful that I just have to make it despite knowing that the process will be a continual uphill battle. This particular dessert that I am sharing with you today is a really good example. It’s in the middle of summer in Adelaide, and we are experiencing typical heatwave conditions where temperatures are up around the mid-40’s (close to 110˚F), so it’s reasonably hot. In weather conditions like this, there are certain things one should not make. Shortcrust pastry is one of those things. Read more…

How goes a Mango?

Apart from summer berries, one of the fruits that I love eating this time of year in Australia is the mango. My parents, being South-East Asian, ate a lot of mangoes throughout my childhood, so I grew up sharing their love of this sweet, fleshy fruit. Normally, we would eat mangoes after dinner as an after dinner dessert. My parents weren’t really big on cakes or anything like that after dinner; instead, we would have a plate of fruit and an Asian tea of some sort. Boy, have things changed since I left home! Read more…

I really miss berries….

It’s starting to feel like winter in Adelaide. It’s cold, grey, rainy….rather miserable actually. And as much as I love this time of year because you can make a lot of great comfort food dishes, I can’t help but yearn for a bit of sunshine and some of the fruits and veggies that go along with summer. In particular, I’m very fond of berries. In a previous post, I talked about using frozen berries as an alternative for when they are not in season. But sometimes frozen berries aren’t enough. Read more…

The Cooking Chook does Chinese New Year – Flaky Egg Tarts

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Tết in Vietnamese, is coming up in a couple of weeks and it’s a huge event in The Cooking Chook calendar. It involves a lot of food, incense and little red envelopes containing ‘lucky’ money. For this year’s festivities, I thought I would have a crack at a couple of recipes and contribute to the feast that my Mum will be preparing. I figure there is no point in mucking around, so I might as well try something that scares the bejesus out of me – Flaky Egg Tarts. Why do Flaky Egg Tarts scare me so much? It’s the pastry making process. I’ve never made my own pastry before and store-bought pastry won’t do because the authentic pastry for these tarts use lard (pig fat) not butter. I could’ve taken the easy route and just used a butter pastry, but I needed to face my fear head on. Read more…

The Cooking Chook does Christmas – White Chocoberry Tartlets

Christmas is apparently less than four weeks away, and I thought maybe I would get into the spirit of things and post some Christmassy recipes leading up to the big day. Even though I am a baker at heart and I love to make desserts, I’ve decided to mix things up a little and attempt both desserts and mains. I am in no way a traditionalist, so there won’t be any turkey or ham recipes but I hope to find and share recipes that still encompass the Christmas spirit in one way or another but also has a dash of Australian flavour to it. The one thing that is a certainty about living in Australia is that there will be no white Christmas. Read more…

Must make lemon tart

About two weeks ago, I went to a wonderful Italian restaurant in Adelaide, called Chianti, for my partner’s mother’s birthday. For dessert, my partner and I decided it would be a good idea to share a dessert considering we had eaten a copious amount of food.  We agreed upon a lemon tart that had a chocolate base and it was so fabulously delicious that I thought to myself “I must make this tart!”. Read more…

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