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How the Cooking Chook ended up in a food coma

Finally, Christmas Day arrived which meant the usual Christmas lunch with my partner’s family. I’ve mentioned before that the Christmas fare usually consists of seafood and some BBQ dishes, but this year, my partner’s Mum decided to do a seafood entree with a hot main. I volunteered to do lunch dessert, and decided to make White Chocoberry tartlets because they turned out so well when I was testing the recipe. Before sitting down to lunch, we handed out everybody’s presents. I noticed that there were a lot more presents under the tree this year. Despite my partner’s family buying me my KitchenAid appliances for my birthday/Christmas present a couple of weeks earlier, I was incredibly surprised to have received a couple more presents from them. Talk about being made to feel special!

Stacked Christmas tree

So, what did this lunch look like? Firstly, the entree consisted of lobster and prawns (two of my favourite seafoods) with some home-made seafood sauce. Notice the portion size? Can you believe that this was meant to be the entree?!

Lobster and prawn entree

After a very short break, the main was brought out which consisted of beef fillets wrapped with leek and prosciutto. The beef fillet was very tender and flavoursome. Sides included lemon roast potatoes, thyme carrots and sweet potato, and peas with ricotta, mint and pine nuts – and of course, gravy.

Beef fillet wrapped in proscuitto main

For lunch dessert, as I mentioned above, I made the White Chocoberry tartlets. This is the picture of the tartlets when I was testing the recipe. I was in that much of a haze, after eating so much food, that I forgot to take a picture of  the tarts I made for today.

Serve with berries and dust with icing sugar

As for the alcohol, we had the obligatory Moet champagne and Rockford’s Black Shiraz, one of the best sparkling shiraz’s you can get from the Barossa Valley.

Moet Champagne Rockford Black Shiraz

So, there you have it – The Cooking Chook’s Christmas lunch. I am very grateful for my partner’s Mum organising Christmas lunch, and she does a wonderful job every single year. I’m also grateful for my partner’s family, in general, they’re all a pretty good sort. Now, I’m in a partial food coma and I’m really surprised I’ve managed to compose a reasonably comprehendible blog post *high five to self*. Hope your Christmas day has been wonderful so far, regardless of when you started it. I’m going to go have a snooze on the couch now….

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16 thoughts on “How the Cooking Chook ended up in a food coma

  1. woodentaste on said:

    I like the first photo…looks like a real home… lovely…the food???= amazing

  2. Nice entree and good wines too! We had lobster in our entree platter too. 😀 I guess that is a good sign of an Aussie Xmas lunch. LOL

    • Certainly is! I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have at least Prawns for Christmas – it’s definitely a staple. This was our last bottle of the Black Shiraz (Rockford only allow you to buy 6 bottles at a time), so it looks like I’m heading to the Barossa soon to stock up. I still feel full from yesterday…

  3. Oh my that did look good. Such a nice spread. You’re a winner with your partner’s family 🙂
    I look forward to seeing KitchenAid creations.

  4. fairybasslet on said:

    That all looks so delicious!

  5. What a feast! You are a lucky girl. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season! 🙂

  6. petit4chocolatier on said:

    Everything looks so good!! Especially the White Chocoberry tartlets!!!

  7. Apart from your humble home, do you know of a good place to get lobster in Sydney (that’s where I’m from, not you, although you may be…)? My uncle recently took me to a fancy place with a price tag a couple of zero’s above my usual budget, where I was able to have amazing lobster. Now these signs keep creeping up, yourself included, and I think I need to make another date with a crustacean – this time with a pen in mind! Either way, Merry Christmas!

    • I’m not from Sydney so I’m not sure where would be a good place. I would’ve thought the Fish Markets would be a good place to start? I’m fortunate that my partner’s parents are good friends with someone who owns a seafood restaurant, so he supplies the seafood every year. Good luck with your search and Merry Christmas to you too 🙂

  8. Those little tartlets look awesome, I wish I had more motivation to bake..

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